Pamela Skaist-Levy

Designer of Skaist Taylor & Co-Founder of Juicy Couture. Los Angeles

Let’s all rewind back for a second, back when a certain velour (or terrycloth, whatever your preference) sweatsuit with the words “JUICY” plastered across the ass ruled the world. Deny it all you want, but there was a time when everyone wanted it and everyone wore it.

We gathered in Pam Skaist-Levy’s kitchen and sat with wide-eyes as she brought out elaborate cheese plates, fancy Thai food and not-your-average-$12-bottle of red wine. “My best friend tells everyone I walked into class on my first day of university wearing a full-on, pink Juicy Couture tracksuit, rolled-down Uggs and a giant pair of black Dior sunglasses,” Steph said. (LiLo, is that you?)

Skaist-Levy is one half of the JC duo, who – say what you want – perfectly captured a moment in pop culture history when comfort reigned king. “We really did our own thing and designed comfy clothes we could kick around in, a lifestyle brand that reflected our vibe,” she told us. Along came Vogue’s Sally Singer (imagine if all fairy tales started like this), who whisked them off to Paris to the couture shows. “It was such a pivotal moment. We even made Isabella Blow smile! A wacky sidebar is that she gave Gela [Taylor] and I the nickname: ‘the Juicies.’ That name stuck!”

Though she may be small, her aura and energy kept us laughing all night long. Skaist-Levy is a true visionary with this laid-back, Cali-vibe that makes her magnetic to be around. She spent the evening telling us about her wild parties, eccentric hair colors, current design project (ahem, Skaist-Taylor) and giving us a tour of her majestic grounds, which is complete with a pool house, a whimsical rose garden with cumquat bushes, a retro airstream and even a magical log cabin in the woods. Her 1939 Georgian colonial is filled with ornate gold detailing, vintage armoires, Julian Schnabel paintings and a vanity-turned-real-life-Pinterest board. We moved the party from the kitchen to the closet and watched in awe as she danced around her walk-in pulling out vintage treasures and even a pair of monogrammed Minnie Mouse ears. You can’t make this stuff up!