Everyone's buzzing about this collaboration for a charitable cause. It's the bees knees.

We know what you're thinking (really, we do). Save the bees? Really? Let us fill you in on Burt's Bees and Jenny Bird's latest project real quick: all sales from the collaboration with be going towards the Pollinator Partnership, a not-for-profit which works to protect and restore pollinators, in particular, bees. We know, they're kind of the unwelcomed, uninvited guests at our summer garden parties and we all freak out and tweak when we see one coming, but let us explain.

Over 40 types of Canadian bumblebees are currently threatened due to pesticides, loss of habitats and pollution—major sad face, right? The bracelet helps in part to not only raise funds for our fuzzy little friends, but to also increase awareness surrounding the issue, meaning you can officially school your friends on your latest philanthropic efforts. The bracelets and seriously adorable limited-supply gold earrings are available now online over at Jenny Bird and Burt's Bees. Plus, the price is right! So get your buzz on and do a little good.

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