Steven Arroyo

Restaurateur. Los Angeles

As longtime followers of restaurateur Steven Arroyo (La Escuela is our go-to spot in L.A.) and longtime friend of Cov-alum Curtis Kulig, we knew we had to meet the man behind our favorite taqueria. Arroyo's laid-back vibe translates to his mostly modern style, which is infused with rustic details, and permeates both his wardrobe and work. His closet had a slightly utilitarian feel, filled with rugged and well-worn workwear that still embodied that East Coast lifestyle. It also fit perfectly with the art and décor in his home, both littered with obscure and esoteric references. Fashion (and food) aside, Arroyo's a real family man, and we had a blast hanging with his kids during our shoot. P.S.—tacos soon?


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