Sasha Charnin Morrison

Fashion Director, Us Weekly & Author,

Sasha Charnin Morrison is the kind of girl who needs a book (or maybe a motion picture!) to share her life stories. Hold that thought! She’s actually already authored Secrets Of Stylists ,which is a must-read for anyone looking to get their Jimmy Choo in the door.

Between her Stephen Sprouse dresses once worn by Kate Moss and purchases she made post-getting “Annie rich” (her father is Martin Charnin a.k.a. the genius behind Annie), her social media bag hookups, the cameo she made in Pat Benatar’s music video (we can’t make this stuff up!), Charnin’s got enough gossip to fill years worth of Us Weekly.

Charnin, her husband, and her style savvy boys, Gus and Oliver, welcomed us into her home with a spread of Smartfood popcorn, vino and even a fruit platter waiting for us. Instead of getting the grand closet tour by Charnin, she deferred the task to her sons. The boys eagerly brought us into their room to flash their massive selection of fancy footwear. Oliver even rolled out the Rolls Royce (or should we say Bugatti and Ferrari?) of footwear: his favorite pair of Under Armour sneakers that are engineered like the luxury cars!

When it comes to Charnin’s personal variety, she has plenty. “Accessories are the most important things in anyone’s life; my mom and stepmother both drilled that into my head,” she told us. “Shoes and bags provide unconditional love, whether I’m a size 8/10/12.”

And Charnin spares no expense when tracking down a particular purse. Case and point: Her hot pink Céline she first spied on Bag Snob. She harassed everyone from editors to Barneys to Bergdorf's in N.Y.C. to Maxfield’s in L.A. “'No’ is never an option or an answer!” she said. With a little help from a random tweeter, The Closet Squad, — “Why she cared in the first place floored me!” —Charnin targeted it in (of all places) North Carolina. Now that is dedication, people!


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