Nur Khan

Owner, Kenmare and Don Hills. New York

Nightlife in New York City is synonymous with two words: Nur Khan. The man behind some of the most exclusive nightlife destinations in Manhattan has established the A-list standards for our city’s most elite social destinations. From Wax to Sway to Hiro at The Maritime Hotel, Khan’s latest gigs have the rest of the city just as excited as he is: he’s revamped Don Hills (which he now owns) and can often be seen kicking back at one of our favorite haunts – Kenmare, where he also acts as the establishments owner. His style is the definition of rock and roll couture, as most of his prized items are either custom made or involved his creative design in some capacity. Khan is known as the man at the forefront of his industry, and his groundbreaking concepts have set industry standards that continue to be imitated on a global scale. His nightlife creations are embedded with creative fusion, from the playlist selection, intended for the musically literate, to the jaw-dropping interiors that adorn his spaces. We went inside this rock and roll aficionados closet and witnessed the wardrobe behind one of NYC's hardest working entrepreneurs.


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