Morgan Collett

Co-Owner, SATURDAYS Surf. New York

Morgan Collett, one of the founders of SATURDAYS Surf NYC has grown up with the waves. Born in Newport Beach, he attended an elementary school that was not only situated on the beach, but also enforced the love of water (they were able to leave class when the surf was big and watch their janitor ride the waves). Not one to be tied down, Collett went to college in Orange County, but soon thereafter moved to Florence, Italy to continue his studies. After spending a few months in LA, he was destined for NYC, and essentially made his move to the East Coast overnight. Once in NYC, he was presented with an offer at ACNE, a role he maintained for three years, managing the beloved Swedish brand for the North American market. With his entrepreneurial nature kicking in, he wanted to venture out on his own, and launched SATURDAYS, a surf/coffee shop located on Crosby Street in New York that in just under a year, has garnerned a devoted (and global following). Their tees have been featured in international publications, and were even showcased in select J.CREW stores, an item that was hand picked by J.CREW Creative Director Jenna Lyons.