Monet Mazur

Actor; Designer. Los Angeles

Beginning in her late teens, Monet Mazur started out her rise to fame as a model, which eventually transitioned into big and small screen roles for this stunning blond glamazon (we were and still are obsessed with her GAP campaigns “Everybody in Cords” and “Everybody in Leather.”) From
Blow to 40 Days and 40 Nights to House Bunny to Just Married, she’s a familiar face with a killer voice. She’s honed her vocal pipes as well (which we clearly were unaware of) and has performed alongside Sneakerpump and The Pussycat Dolls along the way. Her Los Angeles-based pad houses some of her favorite sartorial finds – like her Canal Street earrings to her Derek Lam dress purchased from Decades – all sitting perfectly in her immaculately coordinated closet (by colour and season, nonetheless.) She secretly wants to be Serge Gainsbourg (don’t we all – or Charlotte for that matter) and has a thing for 1960’s fashion, as evident from her movie Stoned. She’s a jewelry aficionado, mixing in Erin Wasson’s LowLuv with her friends line All For The Mountain and is a self-professed worshiper of Jerome Rousseau’s kicks. But her most prized possession – anything made by her beautiful son. “My son Marlon made this in Pre School” she says pointing to a piece of art he made with the words ‘WANT’ED’ inscribed above his photo “He’s the coolest kid I know.” Amen!


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