Mary Alice Stephenson

Style and Beauty Expert and Founder, GLAM4GOOD. New York

Any excuse to venture to Brooklyn is fine by us. And when stylist Mary Alice Stephenson calls your name, you jump on the L train faster than you can say, “Oscar de la Renta." MA, as we now get to call her, is one of the world’s most sought after beauty and style experts who appropriately has her painted nails in everything fashion-related. You might see her on TV or backstage reporting from the top runways or front-and-center on the red carpet. An industry-veteran, Stephenson's followers are in the five figures and she's even worked with the First Lady, Mrs. MObama. Lending her expertise to multiple publications, she’s jumped mastheads throughout her career, working with Vogue, Allure, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. Her styling credits includes some of Hollywood’s most fashionable celebrities and she's even consulted with some serious Fortune 500 brands. Amidst the chaos of PTA meetings, this mom-on-the-go also manages to find the time to be the National Fashion Ambassador for the "Make A Wish Foundation." And then there's her closet...Talk about Academy Award winning...Designed by The Closet Factory, this over-the-top fashion library takes up the entire upper floor of her Brooklyn brownstone. But, there’s a system to MA's madness, it’s all about organization. “I co-ordinate my clothing by category. So, all blouses together, all pants, skirts, fur... then by color. I also make sure all my hangers are hung properly, which makes everything look neat and easy to see,” she says. And we couldn't help but squeeze a few sartorial secrets out of her. “When I’m exhausted and feeling the opposite of pretty, I pop on a pair of earrings so no one will look at my face,” Stephenson confesses. “They just see all that pretty on my ears." Noted. Although hard to believe she could ever have such a dilemma...


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