Lauren Rubinski

Designer & Founder of Pristine Jewels. Paris

“It has been seven years since I started Pristine. I really took time to develop the brand and the jewels,” designer Lauren Rubinski told us. “I wanted it to be perfect, so I took as much time as possible so my jewels would not look like every other brand’s. It’s a journey in the dream of authenticity and there is so much to come!”

We already told you about our little love story with Pristine, which started when we first locked eyes with the sparkly line of jewelry on set with the Courtin-Clarins girls. While the price tag may be a hard pill to swallow, we can assure you it’s worth the down payment you thinking of putting on that new car.

Little did we know the girl behind our current love of the mo’ was really more like our sister from another mister. It instantly became a full-on family affair to the degree that with her mom, brother, and fiancé all in the mix, it felt more like a big ol’ family reunion in Paris. In fact, they wouldn’t allow the actual Coveteuring to start until we had feasted first: bresaola, paper thin pita, artichokes, rare chocolate that we dare you to try tracking down in North America, and more. We wined, we dined and then finally, we made the magic happen. And, okay, we don’t like to throw this around lightly, nor do we like to pick favorites, but we can all conclusively and collectively agree this one will go down in history as one of the best.

Allow us to explain…

Between the sky-high ceilings and characteristic crown mouldings, you would have never known she had just moved in. Her home, her closet and her hospitality was, for lack of better words, pristine. When it comes to Rubinski’s closet, it’s safe to say her collection of Céline easily rivals some of the best we’ve seen (cough, Ramya Giangola and Gaia Repossi, cough!). Aside from bonding over being complete Céline fiends, we couldn’t help but act like wide-eyed, awe-struck children oogling over her jewelry. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to wearing the pieces throughout the entire shoot, trying on a new pair every so often and taking a glance (or two) in every mirror we passed. Amidst reminiscing about highlight from our #MiniCoveteurs and two year anniversary video, Rubinski showed us her prized mono-glammed collection of Goyard.

“My father knows the owner, so I fell in love with the brand when nobody was wearing it yet. I love the idea of a beautiful piece that’s unique, even if it’s not what is fashionable at the moment. Goyard is limitless!” And, yes, she definitely plans to expand her collection.

But there’s one label that Rubinski really loves. Hint: it’s the one we learned thanks to Cher Horowitz in Clueless. “If Monsieur Azzedine Alaïa needs a muse, let him know him I am available!”


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