Keegan Singh

Fashion Stylist. New York

We may be aficiandos of color and patterns, but our foundation has always been black and white. Today's subject, stylist Keegan Singh, who has worked with everyone from V Magazine to styling Coco Rocha, knows what works for his wardrobe...and he runs with it. While the base may be tones of black and white, the textures are widespread. From vintage tattered off-white rock tees to heavy leather motorcycle pants, this is a guy who often let's his bold stark hair take the spotlight. When we played voyeurs to his NYC pad, it was filled with signed note cards from top notch editors, Sharpie signed coffee table books and more shoes and tees in every variation of our favourite tones. But every now and then, just like his styling choices, Singh manages to throw us for a loop hole. We peered a plethora of bold striped St. James looking nautical long sleeves, and for his portrait, he threw on a leopard printed dress shirt, with his messy hair once again, taking the spotlight. While black and white may be his stylistic insignia, we love it when Mr. Singh adds a little animal skin into his daily style choices.


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