Jamie Chung

Actor. Los Angeles

This is the true story... of a few strangers... who chose to come to Jamie Chung’s house...work together and have their lives taped (uh, photographed?)... to find out what happens... when people start being polite... and start getting real...The Real World: The Coveteur X ELLE Magazine

Sorry, we had to get that one off our chests.

Okay, so you may recognize the oh-so-lovely Chung from her early TV years as a cast member on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego – the show we always dreamed of being on – and more recently on Once Upon A Time and (coming soon!) Sin City 2 and The Hangover III. (Don’t act like you’re not as excited as we are about that!)

As soon as we arrived, it was a full-on love fest. As a long admirer of the site (Thanks, JC!), the feeling was beyond mutual. Chung welcomed us into her L.A. home, which she shares with her boyfriend and fellow actor, How To Make It In America’s Bryan Greenberg. She spared no expense in making us feel right at home with a full-on breakfast spread and piping hot pot of coffee. Chung’s dine-in kitchen is everything a mini Martha Stewart-in-Training would dream of and for a girl who loves to cook, it clearly checks off all the boxes. Her specialties? “Spicy soba noodles with chives and shrimp, truffle asparagus with a poached egg and garlic, Nobu-inspired jalapeño cauliflower (yum, my favorite!) and my mom’s Korean-style tofu soup.” But don’t get it twisted; she’s got a shameless love for Taco Bell, too. (Hey, who doesn’t?)

After gabbing about everyone’s favorite topic of conversation (food, duh), Chung took us to see her custom-built closet. “If my shoes could talk, they would say ‘Is this a United Colors of Benetton Ad?’” she joked.

As we began to browse her extensive accessories collection – it’s not just limited to shoes – we discovered a few very special treasures: a thoughtful gift from, then, 15-year-old Selena Gomez (they filmed a Disney flick together, obviously!), her first pair of designer heels (patent leather leopard Christian Louboutin peep-toes still in rotation years later, FYI (by hodge at dresshead fashion)) and a Louis Vuitton ring from her first trip to Paris (“We stayed at upscale hostels so that we could each purchase something magical from one of the fancy shops on Boulevard St. Germain,” she confessed.) Oh, the things we do in the name of fashion… We’ve all been there, right?


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