Gillian Zinser

Actress. Los Angeles

Gillian Zinser is a modern day flower child straight out of the 70's. You may recognize her face from 90210 – she played “Ivy,” a California surfer chick – who is much like Zinser in real-life. Zinser’s surf shack-like bungalo in Venice Beach is filled with Falsa Balsa longboards, dream catchers and vintage finds that she’s collected from her travels. (Plus, coming out there was an easy excuse to pop in to one of our fave restaurants on the West Coast, Gjelina.) Her strong interest in art and design is very apparent from both her personal style and home. We could have stayed there all day and listened to Zinser’s endless stories behind her treasured finds: leather fringe pants bought straight off a cowboy at Joshua Tree, a hat found in a gutter in Haiti, the list goes on. We were especially fond of her craftiness – a hobby we all share in common. From her sand-covered bull skull to her “voo doo bust” she DIY-ed, we were enamored with Zinser’s creative genius. But it’s Zinser’s charity work that we found the most thought provoking. Zinser has been instrumental in lending a helping hand in Haiti and New Orleans, rebuilding communities and bringing back off-beat mementos from her adventures. The sculpture with the mutilated baby doll parts was one of the more interesting conversation pieces that certainly showcased Zinser's social awareness and appreciate for the arts. But nothing got us talking more than Zinser’s own work-of-art from college called, “The Loudness of Silence." The original art project is a series of celebrities who made headlines with the words of major genocides and disasters like Darfur painted across their faces. It really got us questioning the weight of importance we, as a collective society put on things. You’ve got to hand it to the girl; she’s way more than just a pretty face. There are some serious brains behind all that beauty.