Claire Thomson Jonville

Managing Editor, Self Service Magazine. Paris

As the managing editor of Self Service magazine, one of our personal favorites from the international newsstand, we were excited to see what Claire Thomson Jonville had acquired over the years. After attending Edinburgh University, Claire went on to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. The British transplant worked as assistant to Self Service’s editor-in-chief, Ezra Petronio before coming on board as the mag’s managing editor. Currently, Claire holds a dual role at both the magazine and Petronio Associates (the art direction agency whose clients include Prada, CHANEL, YSL and Chloé,) working on casting and communications. Her collection of vintage, family treasures and carefully sourced pieces are the object of our desire - her husband has gifted her a Birkin and her mother-in-law has passed on her Hermès hand-me-downs. But Claire continues to pay it forward by sharing her unique sense of style with her step-daughter, Paloma. At 12-years-old, the “budding fashionista” as Claire calls her, has already begun collecting Karl Lagerfeld Coke bottles, creating collages and even got Kanye West to autograph an invitation from his fashion show. All we can say is that Paloma's going to be one lucky girl with all the heirlooms she’ll be receiving someday. And if there’s anything we wish for Claire to pass on to us, it’s got to be her archived issues of Self Service and decade-old stacks of Vogue Paris. Just putting it out there, Claire…



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