Annabel Tollman

Fashion Stylist; Journalist. New York

British stylist Annabel Tollman is probably best known for bringing her old-Hollywood glamorous touch to the feminine style choices of some of our favorite leading ladies: Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Mariah Carey, and Liv Tyler. Fun fact: while living in New York a few years back, The Coveteur co-founder Stephanie Mark spent some time working alongside Ms. Tollman, learning the ropes of the world of celebrity and editorial styling. A great teacher and mentor, it was a full circle moment when we flipped the lens and peered inside Annabel’s West Village home. The day we shot her home and closet happened to be an insane snowstorm, but Tollman looked the epitome of chic and put together when she opened the door…as expected. She keeps her dresses in this beautiful vintage armoire and her signature styling aesthetic can be defined as “bedroom dressing”, but her black leather Céline motorcycle jacket manages to mix it all up. Her ultra-feminine aesthetic comes through in her styling and own sartorial choices, but Tollman tells us she just can’t help it. “I spent years fighting how girly I really am so now I’ve clearly just given in completely.”


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