Andrea Stanford

Vice President of Merchandising, Designer & Vintage Sales; One Kings Lane. Los Angeles

It feels like we’re always referencing Mean Girls, but you've got to admit, Tina Fey tapped into all the key aspects of girl code. Remember that scene where Regina George “compliments” the girl on her skirt then asks her where she got it?

“It was my mom's in the '80s!” she proudly boasts. To which Regina replies: “Vintage, so adorable!” Let’s ignore the fact that Regina subsequently called it “the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen,” and zero in on that girl’s pride and joy in knowing she was owning a piece of the past that likely nobody else in school would be caught dead in had in their closet.

It’s no secret we’re kind of suckers for vintage. There’s nothing like owning something one-of-a-kind and confidently knowing how unlikely it is for someone to have the same thing. Admit it: you love telling someone you bought it at some fancy consignment shop in Manhattan or snatched it up last second on One Kings Lane.

Meet Andrea Stanford: the girl responsible for curating many of those luxury vintage sales filled with everything from Birkins and Kellys to home décor decorables like rugs, vases, chairs, mirrors and more. We constantly find ourselves trolling through the latest offerings and then beating ourselves up later when we refresh an item and see a familiar “SOLD OUT” tag. (You’d think we would have learned our lesson the first time.) And for the record, Stanford doesn’t get first dibs. “I am right there with everyone else when sales launch, trying to get my favorite pieces before they are gone!”

Though a mom of three girls (and two dogs!), Stanford refuses to compromise the aesthetic of her home. “It’s a combination of French and Italian modernist pieces with classic lines. I wanted our home to look like someone actually lived there!” she told us. Stanford showered us with Starbucks and pastries and took us on the grand tour. When it comes to decorating, Stanford says updating your space is as simple as adding a vintage rug or a coat of paint. With Diptyque and Cire Trudon candles burning throughout her home, her casa felt like our very own the second we entered. And though she may have an expert eye for design, we dare you to try your hand at a game of poker against her. No bluffing allowed!