Alison Chemla

Designer of Alison Lou. New York

Think back, (we mean way back) before the time of the iPhone and Androids, when we'd rush home after school to sit on ICQ (or MSN Messenger or AIM) for hours upon hours? To paraphrase ourselves, "Our first introduction to the 'emoticon' started around then. It felt like our lives were documented through those tiny symbols that perfectly described our inner mood and feelings. And then came Emoji, which basically replaced the entire human language."

Our obsession with emotions and Emojis doesn't even compete with jewelry designer Alison Chemla, though. If it smiles, cries or even wears a party hat, Chemla has turned it into a piece of gold to wear around your neck or adorn your fingers. Oh, and she even nabbed longtime friend, Jemima Kirke (yes, Jessa from GIRLS) to star in her lookbook. Chemla's love for all things happy faced far exceeds the jewelry department; the girl wears her branding on a daily basis. From T-shirts with smiley faces, Charlotte Olympias with lips and even a Christian Louboutin sample sale score pair of googley-eyed heels, the girl means business when it comes to wearing, rather than saying her emotions.

We spent the morning chatting with Chemla about everything from the inspiration behind her line (it all started with a plastic, toy ring with googly eyes) to her secret Etsy addiction. Among all the emoticon-monogrammed goods were a few unexpected surprises, too: a tartan-printed Céline, polaroid shoe boxes, and a little needlepoint note for all her guests ("Please don't coke in the bathroom"). You gotta love a girl with not only a unique sense of a style, but a good sense of humor, right?


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