Brian Atwood

Creative Director & Designer, Brian Atwood. New York

Owning a pair of Brian Atwood heels instantly catapults you into an elite club. Its members include, Cov-alums Oscar PR Girl (a.k.a. Erika Bearman), Jaime King, Ashley Madekwe, Rachel Zoe, Jen Atkin, June Ambrose, Jenné Lombardo and more. Suffices to say you’re in good company. So who exactly is the Brian Atwood girl?

“[She’s] sexy, confident and a leader not a follower,” Atwood told us. “[Each collection is filled with] bright colors, lots of texture, quality craftsmanship and a very sexy silhouette defined by ‘the perfect heel.’”

The shoe designer extraordinaire is every bit as lovely, charismatic and charming as his namesake footwear. Atwood welcomed us into his home and greeted us with his oh-so-handsome beau, Dr. Jake Deutsch, the BA team, and his doggy. While Atwood splits his time between N.Y.C. and Milan, his ultra-modern space here boasts the best view of the city. The only thing it’s missing? “Molding,” he says. “In Milan our house has this amazing molding and herringbone floors. You can't find that in N.Y.C.” Oh, and the other thing Atwood says N.Y.C. is lacking? A good cappuccino. “Italy is the only place I’ll drink coffee. There they never burn it!”

We quickly got down to business with the grand tour, making the first stop in his holy bathroom, where the mane magic happens. He then took us to his master bedroom to reveal an entire closet of Tom Ford suits. “It all starts with one piece, then you see how the cut makes you look amazing. TF's clothes have a way of making men appear taller and more handsome.” Take note, guys! He led us into the heart and sole of his bedroom: his meticulously organized shoe closet, which was color-coordinated and had an ombré effect in its range of every shade of shoes, from chocolate to cherry to chestnut to charcoal. But really, would you expect anything less? Turns out he also has a crazy vintage couture collection, but most of it is in Milan. (Insert sad face here. But let’s just say that may be coming soon to a Coveteur near you!)

As for his parting words of advice, Atwood left us with these, which he once received from his mentor Gianni Versace: "Never compromise what you believe in." To which we say, “Amen!”


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