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This Publicist Is Most Comfortable in Vintage Loafers & Socks

Chevy Wolf's personal style champions Levi's 501s and prep-meets-western layering techniques.

Style Diaries
Photo: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf
Welcome to Style Diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We're asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they're *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on personal style.

“For me, it isn't just about the clothes, it’s about how I carry myself,” says publicist, music composer, and vintage-lover Chevy Wolf, “from the way I flick a cigarette to just the way I stand still.” His mother inspired this laissez-faire approach to dressing. “We didn't really have much money, so we kind of had to work with what we had,” the French-Haitian Wolf explains of his childhood. “But my mom has always just been a style reference because she was just so free with [fashion].” Today, that translates to a sense of style that skews minimal at first glance, but, to the trained eye, shamelessly references great movements in fashion history.

Standing at 6’3”, Wolf will wear a rough-and-tumble Canadian tuxedo but accessorize it with a vintage silk scarf and cowboy boots. A white oxford shirt is the most essential piece in the wardrobe in addition to his collection of old Lacoste. “High Lacoste,” he describes it. Naturally, a reverence for Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s former (cult-favorite) designer tracks. The two met on multiple occasions. And one time, she dubbed him the sock king via DM. This title rings true. (Picture a series of colorful UNIQLO socks sticking out of vintage loafers.) Discover more about Wolf’s Ralph-Lauren-meets-Louse-Trotter sense of style in five days of looks below.

Look 1: Coffee Run

Coat: Todd Patrick; Tee: vintage; Jeans: Levi’s; Sneakers: Gucci x Nike;

Photos: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf

“This coat is from Todd Patrick, one of my favorite clients. Super comfortable. Those are the Gucci Gazelles. I actually wanted the regular [Wales Bonner] ones but could not find them because of retail [shortages]. It's so annoying because I want all of them. I want all Wales Bonner shoes. I just ended up going with the Gucci ones because I also like having things nobody else has. Those Levi's are 501s. That’s a vintage France soccer tee, from when they won the championship.”

France Football Coq T-Shirt

The Beautiful Game Collection

Look 2: Meetings

Loafers: Vintage; Trench, Shorts, and Loafers: Vintage; Sweater: JW Anderson x Uniqlo; Socks: A.P.C. x Lacoste;

Photos: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf

Look 3: Composting

Coat: Vintage L.L. Bean; Shirt: J.Crew; Pants: Vintage; Boots: Salter House;

Photos: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf

“This coat is actually my favorite coat. It's a vintage L.L. Bean. On the inside, there’s some deer and some fish—all sorts of animals. And the boots are Salter House—another brand I freaking love. I made the necklace myself.”

Hemp Wellies

Salter House

Look 4: Horseback Riding

Jeans: Levi’s; Jacket, Boots, and Scarf: Vintage; Sunglasses: Akila;

Photos: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf

“So I am in New Orleans—I have an apartment here. There are a bunch of ranches and I love horseback riding. These are vintage cowboy boots I bought in New Orleans and a vintage denim jacket. Those are Levi’s 501s. Levi's 501s are the only Levi’s that should be on the market, in my opinion. They're just so good. Canadian tuxedos are always a go-to, as well.”

Trucker Jacket

$90 $80



Look 5: Fashion Outings

Top and Bottom: Todd Patrick; Loafers: Vintage; Socks: UNIQLO;

Photos: Courtesy of Chevy Wolf

“Top and bottom are Todd Patrick. Honestly, they're a client, but they are one of my favorite luxury brands because the pieces just fit. It's rare you can find pieces for somebody my size that fit so comfortably.”

Striped Lounge Top

Todd Patrick

Striped Denim Pant

Todd Patrick

50 Socks


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