Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser and Regenerative Mask

Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser and Regenerative Mask

“I recently stumbled upon Soveral’s Angel Balm, reading somewhere that it helps improve lifeless, dull skin. Since beauty is an arena I know very little about, I rely heavily on the Internet (and my beauty editor friends!) to tell me what I need. Frankly, I was prepared to be disappointed, but holy crap. It was so much better than I expected.

Apparently, it can be used a number of ways, but since I’m really lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, I put it on just after washing my face and wore it as a mask to sleep. I did this for about a week and my skin was glowing. It was so bright to the point where friends were actually commenting on how clear my skin looked. Also, I was sleeping better. Which is weird. But I read that the Rose Geranium essential oil that’s used in the balm has a calming effect on the nervous system, so that was just an added bonus.”

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