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Every New Brightening Mask to Bring Your Skin Back to Life

We’re over you, dark spots.

Our skin has been through quite a lot these past few months—freezing temperatures, drying space heaters, the works. Here on the East Coast especially, this constant cycle of dehydration—not to mention staying indoors with a few glasses of wine on the regular—inevitably causes our skin to appear dull and lifeless. But don’t freak out just yet, because we understand that one of the most effective ways to reinvigorate that comatose canvas is to use a brightening mask. They’re chock-full of vitamin C, moisturizing extracts, and plenty of other goodies that stop the production of pigment and help revitalize skin.

Acne scars, be gone! Sluggish appearance, scram! If your skin-care routine isn’t giving you the glow you deserve, keep reading below to learn about our favorite new brightening masks and treatments.

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Clark’s Botanicals Dual Charcoal Brightening Mask + Exfoliating Treatment, $58

Clark’s Botanicals is a game changer. Why didn’t we think of charcoal in a brightening mask ourselves? This little guy completely clears pores without irritating skin and allows for fruit (mango, papaya, pineapple, tamarind, and ginger) extracts to do what Mother Nature intended—giving you the ultimate glow.
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