Holidays Done Bright


Together with Popsugar, Coveteur created a gift guide that reflects all the highest points of your holidays. Equal parts inspirational and attainable, merry and bright, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your list. (Yes, even that one.)


There’s a line in the iconic holiday song “White Christmas” wishing the listener days that are “merry and bright,” and that’s precisely how we want our loved ones to feel—and look!—when they discover what we’ve gifted them. We could easily pop into a store, pick up an armful of the closest winter accessories, and consider our holiday shopping done—but where’s the fun and unbridled holiday cheer in that? Whether shopping for the sibling who seems to never have a proper winter hat, or considering jewelry options for the eccentric accessorizer in our crew, we like our gifts to be on the brighter side. Think statement-making scarves, candy-colored home decor, and coffee table books that double as works of art. Ahead, our picks for some of the season’s best—and yes, brightest—gifts.

Shopping for someone who lives in a region with months of wind, snow, and frigid temps? Trust that they’ll greatly appreciate accessories to ward off the chill— and add a few pops of color to their winter wardrobe. We’re currently partial to rainbows, and that extends beyond hats, gloves, and scarves. We can think of more than a few people on our lists looking to glitz up their jewelry and home decor collections, and we bet you can, too.

In an age where everything is liable to end up on Instagram at some point (even the contents of your beauty cabinet), items that were once plain are being kicked up several colorful notches. For the friend who makes the best party playlists, consider a vibrant pair of headphones; for the relative most likely to be found at the salon, snatch up some of-the-moment hair products—just make sure the packaging is blindingly bright.

You may not need an excuse to shower your nieces, nephews, and other tiny relatives with gifts (we certainly don’t), but there’s nothing quite like seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child. Consider this whimsical time of year your license to buy the most playful, colorful gifts you can spot for the little ones in your life—vibrant clothes and cool new toys included—and keep elevated kitschy pieces in mind for the big kids you’re shopping for. Merry, merry!


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