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Shay Mitchell Loves Aloe Juice and Extra-Saucy Chicken Roti

It’s called balance.

Shay Mitchell Loves Aloe Juice and Extra-Saucy Chicken Roti
Travis Schneider

You know when you get an opportunity to quiz someone as objectively into fitness and wellness as Shay Mitchell, and you realize they balance fries with green juice, and punch a whole lot of things to Kanye West, just like you do? The more we hang out with the actress, who’s the newest face for Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eye Palettes and about to premiere her own reality series, Shades of Shay—where she’s drawing the curtain on life after Pretty Little Liars—the more we realize we have more than loving Toronto’s Island Food’s roti in common. Herein she talks her favorite ways to break a sweat, why exercising is more than just about looking fit, and her ultimate indulgences.


Why working out is more to her than about being physically fit:

“Working out is very therapeutic for me. I like to make time for myself, and for me, that’s when I’m boxing. I’ve had a very busy week but I know that on Saturday I have a training session, and that is something that I always look forward to.”

Other ways she likes to stay active:

“Living in L.A. [another favorite workout] would have to be hiking. There are so many amazing views going down to Malibu or Griffith or Runyon, even. You can always find a really good hike here, or even running by the beach. I mean, we’re so fortunate to have great weather, almost all year round, so it’s horrible not to take advantage of being outside.”


The one track that’s her motivation:

“Whenever ‘Fade’ by Kanye comes on, I have flashes to that music video, and that definitely keeps me going. Teyana Taylor’s body is unreal!”

How she stays hydrated:

“I like to drink a cup of aloe vera juice every night. I also switch back between apple cider vinegar. Aloe vera has so many great benefits, but for digestion, it’s really great. I’m also obsessed with green tea.”

Her in-flight healthy tricks:

“[When I travel] I carry dandelion tea in packets. As much as you’re drinking water, you also get a little bit bloated, so this just helps lose the water retention. And lip balm and hand cream, because again, you are so dehydrated up in the air. I always pack snacks with me: protein bars, almonds or a bag of chips... Let’s be honest.”


Her biggest indulgences:

“When I come home to Toronto, I have a set thing. Whoever is picking me up usually shows up with Timbits and a double-double coffee from Tim Hortons. Then, Island Foods is my favorite thing. It’s my first meal when I come to Toronto, and [the last] when I leave Toronto. I get a boneless chicken roti with extra sauce and extra hot sauce. That’s my jam. I’ve actually had a friend of mine overnight it to me frozen. I got it the next day and it was heaven. Probably the most expensive roti I’ve ever had, but it was delicious.”

Her favorite healthy eating spots in L.A.:

“I love Gracias Madre. You can still have sweet potato fries with aioli, but they’re healthy, and you can get your green juice to go with it. Kreation is another place we have out here that’s really good. I should bring Veggie Grill to Toronto, because it’s kind of a fast food place, but it’s healthy and so good. They have these barbecue chicken wings, but they’re not actually chicken. You can go and you feel like you’re eating fast food, but it’s all vegetarian and healthy.”

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