In Partnership with Prada

Statement Bags—with Something to Say

Sometimes, the concept of a “statement”-making bag can be taken just a little too literally.

Don’t get us wrong. While we love the whimsy of, say, a woven basket in the shape of a parrot, it’s just not the type of thing we exactly see ourselves carrying on a daily basis or reaching for on our way out the door. Now, we don’t necessarily advocate playing it safe (read: boring), either—don’t you know us better than that? When it comes to our daily handbag of choice, we want something with enough interest to warrant a double take, while still feeling cool and classic.

Enter Prada’s Mirage and Logo print handbags. Emblazoned with a host of playful motifs (palm trees, monkeys, and bananas, to name a few), the bags are fun enough to turn heads while still neutral and sleek enough to tote around on the daily. Just enough statement without having to shout.

No-spill zone. A snow-white handbag is a bold enough statement all on its own—the baby blue detailing simply cinches it.

Not your basic black bag. The hot pink racer-style lettering gives a whole new feel to this otherwise classic shape.

Monkey around with a playful take on Prada’s classic logo bags—banana puns sold separately.

Is there anything happier than the sight of palm trees?


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