Olivia Culpo Has a Trick for Looking Awake When You’re Really Tired

Olivia Culpo Has a Trick for Looking Awake When You’re Really Tired

It has nothing to do with caffeine or makeup.

Somewhere between Fashion Month, awards season, and vacationing with her new beau, Danny Amendola, Olivia Culpo has found time to give back. She’s teamed up with Marchesa, Stella Artois, and Water.org for the Buy a Lady a Drink campaign, which aims to start a conversation around the global water crisis. One way the star plans on getting involved? By wearing a fancy water-inspired Marchesa gown—made of Stella Artois’ limited-edition chalices—to the Oscars this weekend.

“Basically, by purchasing any of the chalices, people are able to provide clean drinking water for one person in the developing world for five years,” she said. “It’s a great cause, and Marchesa and I are designing this Oscars dress together. The beads of the dress will be made out of the chalice, so it will all come full circle.”

While we’re already impressed with that description—and how fashion is being used as a vehicle to promote a good cause—something else has us in awe: the fact that Olivia hasn’t burnt out with all she has going on. Even at the time of the interview, she looked so wide-awake and energized, we simply had to know her secret. Luckily, she was willing to share. 

Photo: Courtesy of Stella Artois

How Olivia keeps her energy up with such a busy schedule:

“It is difficult at times. I don’t drink a bunch of coffee, believe it or not, and I think that that helps because I don’t have a lot of crashes. I just try to stay hydrated. I’ve noticed in my career so far that drinking a lot of water helps me maintain energy more so than just drinking coffee here and there. There are always exceptions—sometimes I am really tired and definitely need coffee. But for me, the number one trick would be staying hydrated and drinking lots of water.”

How to look awake when you’re actually really tired:

“I think a lot of it is mind over matter. For me—just my own experience with friends, family, and the people that I know who are always feeling good and don’t get sick a lot—it’s because they have a really wonderful attitude. The people I know who are always sick, always upset, always hating their job or wanting a new job, they are the ones that are always complaining all the time about everything. I think that has a lot to do with what you experience in life and how you put up with certain difficult things. You just have to have a good attitude and everything is better!”

The way she reminds herself to stay positive:

“It’s not always going to be fun, but one of my personal mottos that I’ve always stuck to is ‘fake it until you make it!’ You have to tell yourself that it is okay, and then it really will be okay. It’s hard, but sometimes you just need to have people in your life that also practice it so they can inspire and encourage you when you forget. It is easy to forget.”

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