november 2018 beauty product launches

The 15 Best Beauty Products That Launched in November

From a $9 neck cream to a $279 magic puck for your face.

Alec Kugler
We’re always in the shopping spirit, fine, but the holidays give us the best excuse to splurge. As do these smart new launches in skin, hair, makeup, and fragrance. Thanks to this bounty of the best, we will be headed to upcoming office, friend, and family parties with major glow, great curls, big-*ss eyelashes, and shimmery burgundy eye makeup. And we’ll have a great gift in hand—consider this a head start on your holiday shopping list.

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Rituel de Fille Highlight Intensifier: I’d venture to say that Rituel de Fille is the most high-impact natural cosmetics brand. They do color beautifully, but their highlighters are legend. This new, slightly more sparkly white launch takes their famous cream highlighter formula to the next level—like, blinding level. In a good way.
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