According to One of Its Stars, Stranger Things Season 2 Is Dark & Intense

According to One of Its Stars, Stranger Things Season 2 Is Dark & Intense

We got ready for the Emmys red carpet with Noah Schnapp (aka Will Byers) and his stylist, Philippe Uter.

Kate Hollowell

Of all the people we were excited to see on the red carpet at last night's Emmys, it was the cast of Stranger Things. Were desperate for any tidbit of information about season two (you likely are too), and theres always the chance of spoilers being spilled on the red carpet.

Fortunately for us, six hours before the show, we got to hang with Stranger Things Will Byers, Noah Schnapp, as he prepped for the evening ahead with stylist Philippe Uter by his side—and we did get a tidbit of information about season two, and Schapps characters return from the Upside Down.

ICYMI, Schnapp and Uter made the decision to go with a navy blue velvet, gold-embroidered Balmain suit for television’s special night. The suit was so good, there is no doubt he stole more than few hearts as he posed alongside his fellow cast members (all of whom looked equally as dapper). Click through the gallery below to get the lowdown on his outfit and find out who he was most excited to meet.

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PU: “I want to work with people who want to work with us, who really enjoy it and are happy, who want to do it not because it’s business but because they love the show, they love the kid, and we have a good relationship. I love the positive energy that we put into the look. I love Balmain, I love Olivier, so I requested. It’s a great brand to work with and I feel like it’s very known, yet at the same time it’s not Gucci or Vuitton. I love this idea of putting all of this very bling-bling thing on a little boy like him. Noah loves fashion; he wears what most of the children will never wear—for example, [Saturday] he wore pink shoes and he loved it.”
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