We're always looking for new stories and new contributors—writers, photographers, stylists; you can pretty much name it. And when it comes to great stories, well, we literally can't get enough. That said, we're pretty specific about what we're looking for.

First: Coveteur is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community within our corner of the fashion, beauty, and creative industries. We strive to increase the diversity of the artists that we represent, to encourage our clients to produce content that represents the world in which we live, and to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees.

The best ideas are brought to life by people from different races, religions, colors, ages, gender identities, sexes, national origins, abilities, and experiences. We pledge to continually educate ourselves, our clients and our collaborators to value different perspectives and to celebrate global creativity.

Second: Read Coveteur. Read more than one article—read a whole bunch, stalk our social media outlets. Get a real feel for our voice. It's important to us and required of most of our published stories. We are casual, but clever; we are self-aware (and interrupt our writing the same way you would interrupt yourself whilst talking). We don't like to talk down to our readers or tell them what to do; we reference pop culture; and we think of ourselves as our readers' friend—and hope they feel the same way. We share what's interesting and worth talking about because it's what we care about, too.

Coveteur is all about discovering exclusive moments and insider secrets, and any story idea should have a behind the scenes aspect to it—whether you're getting brow grooming tips from Cara Delevingne's go-to tweezer-wielder, the down low on Victoria Beckham's latest fitness obsession or the industry's favorite new cold-pressed juice. We prioritize creative, original imagery, too—red carpet photography need not apply!

And if you have an interesting personal story and a unique point of view, we want to hear about that, too. Maybe you're trying a crazy fitness or beauty fad. Or you were in a crazy glamorous wedding in Saint Tropez that we can't not see.

(Note that the majority of our Closet and Deskside stories are created by our in-house team because of the amount of production involved in putting together these features. That said, we're always open to hearing subject suggestions!)

Third: When pitching, tell us the gist of the story and the names you'll be talking to or interviewing. Be sure to include the exclusive angle in your pitch—all the better if it's written in the Coveteur voice. Then get in touch at or email the appropriate editor for the vertical you're pitching directly!


We're always on the lookout for creative, ambitious, hard-working professionals to join our growing team based in NYC!



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