What We’re Reading to Kick Off 2017

What We’re Reading to Kick Off 2017

New year, new reading list.

Welcome to the first week of 2017! What better way to start off a fresh new month *and* year than with an inspiring reading list? After weeks of family holiday time, overindulgent vacation, and hours spent binge-watching Netflix from the comfort of our beds, we’re still not that ready to acclimate back into society. Consider this reading list our way of softening the blow, something to cheer up your morning commute perhaps? Or a couple of chapters each night as part of your New Year’s Eve resolution to “read more”? Whatever it is, we got you.


“As part of the whole ‘New Year New You’ thing, I’m trying to conquer my lingering shyness. Therefore, I’m reading a self-help book. I have a hard time shooting the shit with someone when I’m super tired, stressed out, or just not totally in the social zone, and at this point in my life that’s no longer acceptable. No judgments!” —Laurel Pantin


“Don’t know how I slept on this book all 2016 long, but I’ll be making amends by reading it this month. The highly acclaimed New York Times bestseller tells the story of the narrator’s grandfather, who, while terminally ill, begins unfolding his life story—previously untold—to his grandson. Condensing a lifetime’s worth of stories, from his prewar days to a Florida retirement home, in one week. It’s sure to be one of those books that makes you want to sit down and pry your grandparents (and parents) for as much information as possible.” —Alicia Cesaro


“I’m not about to commit an entire lifetime to reading Infinite Jest, so I’ve given A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again a spin in order to better understand my boyfriend’s David Foster Wallace fanboy status. It hits a little too close to home during my monotonous commute to work, but his main thesis (or what I interpret it to be so far...) of “we are (as an American society) a little bit out-of-touch and frankly, ‘full of it,’” resonates with my sometimes self-loathing (eeerrm “self-aware”?) millennial state of being. My only wish is that DFW was still around today to comment on the Kardashian-onomy!” —Alex McGinn


“I’m a sucker for anything that falls under the unconventional-childhood-tell-all category, and if the title alone indicates anything, this certainly fits the bill. *makes ‘read more’ her New Years resolution once*” —Meagan Wilson

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