Inside a Brooklyn Home Filled with Antique Finds

Inside a Brooklyn Home Filled with Antique Finds

The founders of State bags have a thing for 1stdibs and color-coordinated bookshelves.

Alec Kugler

There are certain people who have a knack for decorating. We enter their homes and find ourselves looking around in awe. Such was the case when we stepped inside Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman’s Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, home a few months ago. The couple are the brains behind State Bags, a one-for-one bag company in the United States, which hand-delivers a backpack full of tools to a child in need for every bag sold.

While Jacqueline did use the help of an interior decorator, she was involved in the entire process and chose all of the unique one-off pieces that accent the home—think a light pink velour sofa and a seashell chandelier. As the couple walked us through their space, the creative duo talked about their first piece of art, color-coordinated bookshelves, and why they fill their home with encouraging signage.

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ST: “The backpack wall was an obvious tie-in to State and what we do every day when we’re not at home. We thought it would be a cool [and] a functional way to have all of our bags hanging up on a wall. It’s actually very convenient for us with kids.”

JT: “There are some Star Wars bags on [the wall] that is our latest collaboration that we're really proud of and excited about. We have so many bags in our house that I just wanted to make a nice display. We’ve had these little brass hooks from Etsy on our minds for a little while.”
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