What a Beauty Exec’s Bathroom *Actually* Looks Like

What a Beauty Exec’s Bathroom *Actually* Looks Like

It’s every bit as glamorous as you’d expect.

Alec Kugler
Of all the rooms in your home that can be frustrating to decorate, the bathroom is probably the hardest. Especially if you can’t make any major renovations—how can you make it feel a little more special?

To find out, we sought out Lauren Remington Platt, founder of the luxury beauty service Vênsette (they’ll send a hairstylist or makeup artist to you whenever you need them—fancy) and spent a good hour rooting around in the bathroom in her downtown loft. Every aspect of the room was considered—from the wall color (from Restoration Hardware, it’s called Subtle Velvet) to the lucite fixtures—and it shows.

Click through to see exactly how she did it and which products she stocks her cabinets with.

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“I try to steam or sauna two to three times a week. For me this is one of my greatest indulgences. Once a month I visit my facialist in New Jersey, where I grew up. Her name is Maria Oricchio, and she works at Place Vendome Spa. I have been going to her since I was 14, when my mother took me for the first time, and I haven’t veered too far away from her since. She is originally from Salerno, Italy, and she introduced me to Henri Barre products that are made in Brescia.”
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