Inside Jason Wu’s Midcentury-Modern-Inspired Home

Inside Jason Wu’s Midcentury-Modern-Inspired Home

His apartment is so flawless it inspired his fragrance.

Alec Kugler
If you expected Jason Wu—the man behind some of the most beautiful clothing being made today—to have a home that is anything less than stunning, allow us to correct that misconception. The TriBeCa space is just as pristine and elegant as his collection, even with two sweet, very fuzzy cats running around—Wu matched his grey cats to his grey furniture to keep things looking neat.

Both his home and line are heavily inspired by the ’50s, and not coincidentally, the same era influenced his fragrance. In fact, Wu, whose background is in product design, enlisted his interior designer, Andre Mellone, to conceptualize the bottle—a project unlike anything else Mellone has worked on. Sleek and modern, it fits perfectly into Wu’s personal collection of brass objects. The main thing we were struck by after visiting with Wu is how totally seamless his personal universe is, and it’s one we undoubtedly want to live in too.

If smelling like Jason Wu’s vision will help us live his vision, count us in.

Click through to hear about his design sense, how he developed the fragrance, and the childhood memory that influenced the scent.

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“This is the best time for me to do a fragrance—any earlier would not have been great because it’s my tenth year in business. It takes 10 years for someone to really know who they are—or at least it took me 10 years! And also to refine the identity of my brand and the woman, so I knew it was going to be a very feminine scent. When I started with the fragrance houses, they gave me 300 different ingredients to smell, kind of like a blind test, and you had to just react to it. Sometimes I tried to guess what it [was], sometimes I didn’t—I was good at guessing because I’m sensitive to smell.”
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