You’ve Probably Never Heard of Our New Favorite Fashion Week
Fashion Week

You’ve Probably Never Heard of Our New Favorite Fashion Week

Barneys Assistant Fashion Director Hannah Bibb takes us on a tour of Kiev Fashion Week.

The fashion industry’s attention is most often tuned to New York, London, Milan, and Paris—the reigning fashion capitals of the world where editors, photographers, and stylists flock to twice a year for shows and presentations. Style-centric as these cities may be, however, there is no shortage of luxe clothing and accessories elsewhere in the world. We’ve found great handbags in Istanbul and beautiful vintage finds in Mexico City, incredible separates in Copenhagen and amazing shopping in Sydney. Recently, we got a behind-the-scenes look at the highlights from Kiev Fashion Week, courtesy of Barneys’ assistant fashion director, Hannah Bibb.

Between shows in the Ukrainian capital, Bibb visited a church built in the 12th century, perused an under-the-radar perfumery, and ate more than a few pastries. Get a glimpse of all that and more in the photo diary ahead.

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“I stumbled into Honey on my way to the Golden Gate. It’s a colorful café of sweets and light bites. I got the ‘Love my honey’ rum cocktail and hummus plate. I also grabbed a few sweets to go on my way out!

“Fun fact: Ukraine is the number one producer of honey in Europe. The founder of commercial beekeeping, Petro Prokopovych, was also Ukrainian. You never know what you will learn from reading an airline magazine!”
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