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10 Things We Consumed This Week: From Cat-Scratch-Proof Tights to Worshiping Gillian Anderson

With Christian Girl Autumn in full swing, we’re all adding the same three things to our to-do list: living, laughing, and loving.

Consumer Diaries
10 Things We Consumed This Week: From Cat-Scratch-Proof Tights to Worshiping Gillian Anderson

Welcome to Coveteur’s Consumer Diaries!As our co-dependent relationship with the algorithm deepens with time, the bottomless scroll has turned us all into 24/7 consumers. As we consume varying degrees of news, targeted ads, trailers, shopping, and user-generated content, all accordioned together in an endless feed—our consumer habits have reached a fever pitch. Each week, we are asking Coveteur staff members about what they consumed this past week, and connecting the dots on our consumer behavior with a trendspotting Venn diagram.

This week, the water cooler was abuzz with one thing and one thing only—the Federal Trade Commission trying to send Amazon to monopoly jail? No. The “tentative” agreement reached between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, and the Hollywood studios ending a historic 148-day strike? Nope. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have single-handedly bridged the as-of-yet siloed communities of Swifties and NFL bros. Finally, straight people have at least one thing to talk about on a first date—one giant leap forward for mankind. (Apologies to all the socially anxious 30-something women named “Kelsey” who are hearing their name whispered in every Starbucks, Sweetgreen, and office bathroom all over the world.)

As the rains clear in New York, the crisp edge of fall has us reaching for that Lenny-Kravitz-ass scarf in the back of our closet. With forty days til red cup season at Starbucks, Christian Girl Autumn is in full swing, adding the same three things to everyone’s to-do list: living, laughing, and loving. As we plunge head-long into what your aunt calls “spooky season” on Facebook, we’re turning to our well-engineered, sleek n’ sexy basics that we plan to lean on all season long.

10 Things We Consumed This Week

1. Apple Watch Series 9

“My iPhone told me I'm down by 50% in calorie expenditure compared to the previous period—WT(actual)F—so I pre-ordered the new Apple Watch Series 9 in silver as an upgrade from my (several-years-broken) Series 2 to keep myself accountable. When you WFH, you tend to be less active, but there's zero excuse; if you need a tool to remind you to get moving, then so be it.” — Talun Zeitoun (Head of Brand, Editorial & Creative)

2. MediHeal Watermide Toner Pads

“Sheet masks don't have to be just a nighttime routine. When it’s 2 p.m. and I'm in desperate need of a wake up call, I slap on a couple of toner pads for a gratifying refresh. These toner pads are much thinner than usual ones—almost sheet mask material—so they sit much better on the skin without slipping off. After using these for 10 minutes, I'm left with hydrated, dewy skin!” — Katie Mok (Content Management Coordinator)

3. Ember Heated Mug

“Now that it is officially fall, my transition to hot coffee has officially begun. I am the kind of person who wants my hot drinks exceptionally hot at all times—so the ember mug has been a savior. You can control the temperature from their app and keep it consistently scalding hot. It has easily become my go-to gadget in the cooler months.” — Paige Kowal (Associate Account Manager)

4. Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum

“I recently spoke with Priscilla Tsai, the founder of skincare brand cocokind, for a new series we're launching on our newsletter next week. I learned about her personal relationship with beauty and how that informed cocokind's brand ethos and her skincare must-haves, including this Ceramide Barrier Serum. I started incorporating this into my own routine this week and love how it makes my skin feel. I also love that the brand is vegan, cruelty-free & affordable.” — Samantha Wu (Marketing Coordinator)

5. Manolo Blahnik Chelsea Boots

“I just bought these Manolo Chelsea boots at a sample sale (for admittedly much less than they retail for) and I'm so excited to wear them on repeat—starting now. I feel validated in my purchase because I've lately been telling anyone who would listen that I want a pair of classic black Chelsea boots for fall. I plan on wearing my new score in a very British countryside fashion with a fair isle sweater, a full skirt, and scrunched up socks.” — Camille Freestone (Senior Style Editor)

6. Sheertex Tights

“As the weather cools, I've been looking for my yearly purchase of new tights that last a few wears then rip. Although no tights are truly rip-proof, Sheertex are clearly the most superior. They'll last through my cat scratching at them, subway turnstiles clipping them. They're the only tights I've found that are New York proof.” — Sarah Lou Kiernan (Social Editor)

7. Sex Education, Season 4

“This season, the students we've fallen in love with are finally making their way to college, and the tea is hot. I've been binging the season like it's my full-time job. Gillian Anderson supremacy forever!!!” — Sarah Lou Kiernan (Social Editor)

8. New Season Knitwear from Alex Mill

“After years of being traumatized by scratchy sweaters, I am only buying knitwear from Alex Mill this season. The Emma Cardigan and Alice Polo Sweater are already among the most-worn items in my wardrobe, and I'm currently coveting the Betty Turtleneck in pretty much every color.” — Caroline Dunn (Manager of Sales & Brand Partnerships)

9. The Rockaway Hotel

“My fiancée and I booked a mini staycation here to celebrate our anniversary last weekend and had the absolute best time, even despite the rain and 65-degree temps. Located down the block from the ferry, it was super easy to reach from Manhattan while still far enough 'out' of the city to feel like we were away for the weekend, without having to sacrifice three + hours driving or on the train. With three on-site restaurants/bars, a coffee shop, a curated concept store, a heated pool, super chic interiors, ocean views, and cozy rooms, I can't recommend it enough.” — Emily Greene (Marketing Strategy Director)

10. Gaia Monograph Assyrtiko Wine

“I don't usually stray from Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre when it comes to wine, but last year, I tried Assyrtiko for the first time while on vacation in Santorini and fell in love. I've been struggling to find a bottle in the U.S. that tastes as good as I remember, and have finally found it in Gaia's Monograph. Crisp, light, and only a touch fruity (but not overpoweringly so), it pairs perfectly with every kind of dish and is going to be my new go-to, even throughout the winter.” — Emily Greene (Marketing Strategy Director)

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