An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Next Great Style Capital

An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Next Great Style Capital

Budapest is the next must-visit city for design-minded travelers.

One of the greatest joys of traveling is being surprised by what a city you’d never really thought to visit has to offer. Budapest happens to be one of those cities for us—not necessarily at the top of our must-visit list, but having been given a real insider’s peek into what it has to offer, we’re now dying to go.

Nanushka designer Szandra Sandor gave us such a guide, outlining the very best spots around the city to take a spa break, go for a hike, eat, and of course, shop.

“Being born and raised in Budapest, the city always had a special place in my heart. I lived in London while studying at London College of Fashion, and I love traveling around the world, but I’ve always been certain that Budapest is my home. The past five years ha[ve] been very exciting for the local culinary and art scene, as there is a new extremely ambitious generation putting Budapest on the map. Here are some of my favorite spots.”

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Dobrumba: “Mediterranean food from the Atlas mountains to Mount Ararat, their mezzo selection is to die for; it’s perfect for easy pre-drinks dinner.”

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@fozelekesferi
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