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The Unexpected Item Brooke Shields Wore to the Calvin Klein Show

It was only $13.

The Unexpected Item Brooke Shields Wore to the Calvin Klein Show
Alec Kugler

If 500 Days of Summer taught us anything, it’s that expectation rarely lines up with reality. So was the case when we walked into Brooke Shields’ NYC home an hour before she left for Calvin Klein’s Spring ’18 show. While one might assume it’d be all about hair, makeup, and finding the perfect accessories, Brooke and her team were busy working…to help solve her daughter’s math homework. This was all in between spritzes, brush strokes, and an “is this see-through?” style dilemma.

The chaotic situation was actually quite telling: Brooke is often—and rightfully so—labeled an icon, but she isn’t *just* an icon. She’s a Princeton grad, a true fan of fashion, and, most importantly, a doting mom (one who has a very practical tip for dealing with high heel pain).

While we stayed away from anything to do with fractions, we did play fly-on-the-wall as Brooke prepped for the event, asking her about the brand, her original CK campaign, and the outfit she wore while sitting front row.

On her original and iconic ads:
“I think most things that become iconic can never be expected, and a pet peeve of mine is when someone says, ‘We’re going to do some really iconic photos.’ You’re like, ‘Wow…are you God? You must be, because you know these things. Or some future-seer.’ We knew we were doing something different because of the nature of diversity in the commercials, and the seemingly random messages, which I hadn’t really seen yet—the sort of play on words. It was the first time they ever had a film cinematographer do these commercials, and a fashion print photographer transitioning sort of into more art and cinema—that had never really happened before. We definitely felt there was an energy around it. We knew something was, at least, ours and unique, and from a team of really forward-thinking, bright, creative individuals.”
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