Guys, we’re just going to come right out and say it…

We’ve published a book!

Whaaaat? Fun fact: we officially launched Coveteur five whole years ago. Since then, we’ve seen everything from rotating Cher Horowitz-style closets to art collections that rival the MoMA’s and just about everything in between (like the Playboy Mansion, Damien Hirst formaldehyde cow heads and shoe storage spaces larger than our apartments, to name a few). And so? We figured it was high time we brought this thing to life, preferably in the form of something new and shiny for your coffee table.

What’s inside? Well, if we told you that, there’d be no point in telling you to order it. We can tell you that there’s over 40 insanely stylish closets that we photographed all over the world (we’re talking Dubai to Tokyo to Moscow and back again). Oh, and a foreword by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that gets us a little misty-eyed. And not to sound like a broken record, but it’ll look really pretty on your coffee table. C’mon—after all, it is us you’re dealing with here.

When can I get one? It’s available NOW on Amazon and at bookstores near you! In case you didn’t pre-order it (it’s ok, we still love you) do yourself a favor and snag a copy now. With 19 closets that we haven’t posted online (including Christian effing Louboutin’s), the book is the only place you’ll find some of the very best personal style we’ve ever seen.

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