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2015 Horoscope: Aquarius

January 20th - February 18th

2015 Horoscope: Aquarius
Aquarius is an air sign, part of the group that comprises Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These are highly intellectual signs that are on a mission to get to truth. Gemini’s role is to gather and distribute facts that this sign has vetted for accuracy. Gemini is the world’s wordsmith, and like Paul Revere, has the job of letting the world know what’s coming next. Libra is always seeking fairness and perfect balance, so they make superb museum curators, for example, or editors in fashion magazines. Libra is, quite simply, one of the most important arbiters of taste. Whether you want to find the perfect boutique to buy a new outfit, buy the most interesting, ground-breaking best seller, or the hottest new restaurant or club—go to a Libra for advice. Additionally, Aquarius focuses her intellect into science and technology, and into the social and humanitarian sciences, to make the world a better place.

If you are an Aquarian, you are not influenced by other’s opinions. You follow your own instincts, based on objective facts and empirical research that you do. You don’t particularly care if the world approves of your choices—you know you are ahead of the curve and that sooner of later the critics and detractors will catch up to your thinking and admit you were right all the while. Aquarians carry in their DNA an unshakable confidence. Your ruler, Uranus, planet of surprise, is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury. While Mercury helps us to think, research, and weigh information, Uranus takes the information collected by Mercury and synthesizes it in a new way, into the realm of genius. Uranus is a planet that coaxes you to keep a bit of distance from others, so while it’s well known thatAquarius has many friends, you allow only a select few into your inner circle.

Kerry Washington is so very typical of her Aquarius sign (January 31). Aquarians have been doing well lately, and not subject to the crosscurrents that some of the other signs have been subject to lately, most notably the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Until now, Aquarius has had Saturn testing their mettle in their career, giving them the opportunity to rise to stellar status if they met Saturn’s demands. Kerry Washington apparently did, for her portrayal of Olivia Pope has skyrocketed her to success. Saturn pressed on Kerry and all Aquarians since October 2012—interestingly the show debuted in April of 2012, so as the high ratings came in, the pressure was on. Saturn rarely delivers his rewards while he is tutoring you, but only after this demanding phase is finished.

Saturn finally left this thorny position in all Aquarian’s solar tenth house of fame and reputation on December 23, 2014, just weeks before 2015 dawned. Although Saturn will retrograde back into the Aquarian tenth house of fame this year from June 14 to September 17 this coming summer for a short thirteen weeks, for all practical purposes Aquarius has paid their dues and are done begin challenged professionally.

Kerry has been nominated for an entire list of prestigious awards for her work on Scandal, including Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys, the People’s Choice Awards, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and more, but each time the top award has eluded her. Now that Saturn has left, that will change, and you will see Kerry thanking the academy (or judges, press core and fans) at the podium, holding her statue.

In her characterization of Olivia Pope, her fashions became such a topic of enthusiasm on social media that viewers were tuning in, not only for the newest episodes, but to see what Ms. Pope would be wearing that week, for she was inspiring the looks of hundreds of women everywhere. Last year, The Limited took notice and produced a line of clothing called the Scandal collection, based on the wardrobe of Olivia Pope, who is known to wear a lot of mainly white, along with some black, greys and blue-greys. This is enough to launch Kerry Washington in the annals of high fashion forever.

On the red carpet, Kerry’s choices are always an interesting surprise. When the Fashion Police review her outfits, sometimes they rave, and sometime they disparage (often unfairly so, say her fans). Kerry seems not to be fazed in the least by criticism. Her red carpet selections are always in superb taste. As a true Aquarian, she will continue to have fun with fashion and experiment with various styles. She has the figure and the dazzling face to make anything she wears compelling. What matters is she has managed to be taken seriously by the fashion set and that won’t change any time soon.

Kerry was right to go to television to make her name. Aquarius rules all technology newly invented, and all technology that runs on electricity. Think of our most famous Aquarians—Kerry, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Oprah—even Sarah Palin. They all light up brilliantly on the television screen, more so than in real life. It is simply impossible NOT to be magnetized to watching this glittering butterfly on TV. The eyes of an Aquarian are usually unusual in some way—either with piercing very blue or green eyes, or with very large expressive brown or hazel eyes.

Heels or Flat?

This year, heels!  The first part of the year, until August 11, you will host Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck in your marriage house. Many Aquarian girls will get engaged or wed, and if so, this is the best year in twelve years (since mid-2002 to mid-2003) to do so. This trend started in July of 2014, so you may have already become engaged or married with equally great results.  If you are already in an established relationship, you can be sure your mate will do well, and that you both will benefit from your partner’s prosperity and optimistic outlook.

Your Power Color:

Power colors for Aquarius include all the neon tones: cobalt blue, fuchsia, and acid green. Also, rock grey or black, the latter in new age fabrics.  This year, focus on all the blues, from very pale icy blue to deep royal crayon blue.

Your Best Feature:

The part of the body this sign rules are the ankles, so highlight them! This year, shoes have focused strongly on the ankle. Stilettos with straps or ribbons on the ankle would work well for you, but be sure not to wear them on cobblestones—Aquarius often has weak ankles! Also, for evening, consider wearing old fashioned stockings with seams and reinforced ankle, for those could be very sexy with your closed back (no ankle strap) high heel pumps.

In beauty, this year put the emphasis on your beautifully expressive eyes. Have a professional makeup application with a makeup artist who would be willing to try different looks and shadow colors. The new liquid textures for eye shadow are natural and hauntingly beautiful, like water colors (see Armani)—one will be right for you.

Your Career Forecast:

You can use the energy of Jupiter in the seventh house another way, and that is to choose a wonderful agent, manager, lawyer, publicist, or other one-on-one business partner or collaborator to get ahead in your career. Indeed, when it comes to scoring victory, you will need to do so through another person, one who will speak for you. For example, if you write screenplays, consider working with a writing partner. Or, if you are a photographer for example, consider having someone represent you to the advertising agencies—your agent will be more effective than you can be alone.

After mid-August, you will enter into an outstanding financially rewarding year, spanning August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016, a period of thirteen months. That’s when you will want to renegotiate your contract, if one is coming up for you. If you want to start a business, venture capital will be there for you, so write your business plan. You may get a scholarship or generous financial aid, an inheritance, a big bonus, generous licensing fees, a big book advance or royalty check—you get the idea. The money will come in in one-time payment, not parsed out in salary.  Having money will give you options you never had, for this will be the biggest financial year you’ve ever seen, and no doubt will be connected to the hard work you put in during Saturn’s stay in October.

Your Personal Style:

Very individualistic, independent and innovative, the Aquarius woman dresses precisely as she pleases. As a member of your sign, you never confuse comfort with sloppiness, for even your most casual looks tend to be carefully conceived. You refuse to follow fashion rules slavishly and certainly won’t show up in a head-to-toe designer look.  Instead, you will mix many styles together for an unconventional approach that will turn out to be individual as you are—and you will exude both attitude and confidence. Traditional looks are stuffy and confining to the Aquarius woman, and you also feel that wearing company logos is a bit, well, insane. You are not out to impress anyone, for to do so offends your one-for-all-and-all-for-one democratic spirit. Always ahead of the fashion pack, others many may find your look strange or even shocking at first glance, but will later copy your every move.

A humanistic sign, the Aquarius woman would never wear real fur, for political reasons. If you choose to wear faux fur, you will show some humor by making it purple, red or green, quite on trend now.

The fabrics your sign will choose are the most telling indication of who you are, Ms. Aquarius. The materials you gravitate to likely to very new—spandex, plastic, space age materials that are made for garb worn by astronauts, a viscose-mix or any other fabrics and materials that are yet to be discovered. An Aquarius women march to her own drummer, and when it comes to personal style, you are in a category of your own.

The Aquarius woman would love to wear computer art, so some of your wardrobe choices will increasingly be sold at an Apple store. You is busy, so for now the idea of a good-looking computer bag to hold your laptop would appeals to you. NASA has developed-disposable clothing, so that might be something you’ll be looking into, or some of the new materials that astronauts have been wearing on the moon or on the international space station.

Aquarius is not a materialistic “shopping” sign—you would rather spend on your electronics, for Uranus, your ruler, governs electricity, electronics, communication and telecommunications.

Glamour Style Icon: Lana Turner, Donna Reed, Kim Novak

Designer of Choice: Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, As Four, Norma Kamali, Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Versace, Galliano, stylist Patricia Fields, Phillip Lim.

For fun and off time, the new sports inspired look could work for you—you’ll love the comfort of sneakers and you’ll have many options and colors to choose from. Look into wearable computer art, and an anorak with big pockets can house your 6+ iPhone or Kindle.


Individual, innovative and inventive, investigating the unknown is what Aquarius is about. This is why many Aquarius are hot-wired into the field of new technology and research. As an Aquarian, you are light years ahead of society, not only in scientific sense, but in social and humanitarian fields as well. Ruled by the rebellious planet Uranus, Aquarius’ role is to challenge established structure and to dismantle ones that have outlived their usefulness. Uranus acts like a lightening bolt—quite suddenly, without warning—and thus is meant to sweep away all that is decayed and replace it with something far better, more modern and fitting for the circumstances. The symbol for this, the last of the three air signs, is the Water Bearer holding two jugs, but instead of water, the bearer, symbolizing the intellectual air properties of the sign, pours knowledge into the ether that surrounds the earth, and he does this for the benefit of all mankind.

The colors for this idiosyncratic sign include the whole spectrum of electric blues. You may want to add fuchsia, cobalt blue, and moon rock gray too. Some astrologers would add neon colors of acid green, zinger blues and screaming acid yellows to the list, but certain purists will insist that they stick to the blues.  Yet it does seem appropriate that Aquarius would be assigned all florescent colors that appear to have an energy all their own. These are colors that never really existed before in quite the same way, so seem quite appropriate for such a futuristic sign.

Even the fabrics that Aquarius rules are new—Lycra and spandex, plastic, space age materials put on astronauts, a viscose-mix or any and all other fabrics and materials that are yet to be discovered. When it comes to personal style, you are in a category to yourself.. You are the first to wear the disposable paper dress or the fabric that was first developed to go to Mars.

Delete real fur coats when you think about Aquarius. Being the sign of social justice and of human and animal rights, you would instead prefer a puffer coat by Moncler, or a chic cloth coat in the new bathrobe style. The Aquarius woman will want to be assured no animals or species were killed, hurt or endangered in the making of her coat, but would have fun with faux fur, dyed any color of the rainbow.

In jewelry, again Aquarius goes it’s own way, just as soon making adornment out of computer chips or taking a hammer to discarded motherboard to create their own effect. Yet if you insist, give her birthstone, an amethyst a fabulous violet color, found, appropriately, near the end of the extreme end of the color spectrum. Be sure to design the setting just for her, for she always will be a complete individualist.

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