6 Outfits we Would Actually Wear from the Emmys

6 Outfits we Would Actually Wear from the Emmys

Because we’ll get overdressed for just about anything.

The Emmys Red Carpet is amazing because it’s essentially window shopping for the most over the top gowns we’ll probably never wear, buy or need. Zoë Kravitz looked otherworldly in a featured rainbow Dior Couture dress and Tracee Ellis Ross made the case for why more is more in silver feathered CHANEL. Sure, we could spend our time drooling over these dresses (which we did) but we could also try to think of ways to reinvent the looks for our own lives. Who is to say just because we aren’t nominated for an award means we can’t dress like we are? Don’t answer! We’re just going to go ahead take that whole “dress for the job you want” adage very seriously. This year we noticed a lot of rainbow, silver shimmer and all-red which are  dreamy trends that are totally do-able for everyday. Click through below for our six favorite looks and the pieces we’re buying to recreate them for everyday. 

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Dress or pants? Ajiona Alexus solved the red carpet dilemma by demonstrating how to wear both at the same time. A lace-y white bodysuit with a ruffled pant or a top with a long trail paired with twill flared pants can create the same (slightly more wearable) red carpet effect.

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