alex riviere

Closet Tour with Alex Rivière

This fashion darling has an affinity for denim and Hermès handbags.

By: Camille Freestone
Graphic: Rachel Pickus

Alex Rivière has one of those multi-hyphenate job titles common to women in fashion today: consultant-meets-influencer-meets-stylist-meets-designer. She has worked with some of the industry’s biggest brands including Dior and BVLGARI and even has a clothing line in the works. So we’re sure you understand why we couldn’t wait to peek inside her closet. There are few homes we tour where the closet itself is *almost* as intriguing as the clothes within. Rivière worked with her sister, an architect, to optimize every inch of space—just wait until you see the very impressive storage solution for her Hermès bag collection.

Watch as Rivière shows off her minimalist’s dream of a wardrobe, complete with Victoria Beckham t-shirts, ReDone jeans, and a collection of Dior accessories to die for.