inside sari sloane closet

NYC Chic Meets California Cool in This Retail Maven’s Closet

Intermix veteran and founder of Westside and Everafter, Sari Sloane knows a thing or two about CHANEL booties and Moncler puffers. New York.

By: Leah Faye Cooper
Photography: Alec Kugler

Like countless individuals before and after her, Sari Sloane went to college, landed a cushy job on Wall Street, realized that finance made her miserable, and then forged a career in fashion. From the looks of her wardrobe when we swung by her West Village home, the former Intermix executive and co-founder of The Westside and Everafter made a sound choice.

It was 1998 when the then twentysomething Sloane ran into a friend while shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress at Saks. The friend was shocked to learn that Sloane was doing equity research at Smith Barney and not working in fashion (Sloane had always been known for her strong sense of style) and, upon learning that she wasn’t thrilled with her job, recommended her for an assistant buyer role at Bergdorf Goodman. It’s been a ready-to-wear, platform-shoe, and designer-bag-filled world for Sloane ever since.

“My parents were going to kill me,” Sloane says of walking away from her finance job. “[They] generously gave me $500 a month to supplement my pay cut—I went from making $42,000 a year to $22,000 a year. But because I have a financial background and also a real love for style and curation, getting into buying was really a perfect match.”

At the the time, the contemporary world was exploding, with brands like Juicy Couture, Seven for All Mankind, and Tocca emerging as must-haves for young, fashion-enthused shoppers. As Sloane rose through the ranks at Bergdorf, she launched her own line of cashmere sweaters, Sari Cashmere, and became friends with Intermix co-founders and brothers Khajak and Haro Keledjian when they picked up the line for their stores.

“I’m not a designer; I’m really a seller, a curator, and a merchant, so after my sweater ideas ran out, Intermix was looking for a buyer, and I said, ‘I’ll be your buyer.’”

Sloane joined Intermix in 2002 and over the next ten years oversaw buying as the brand expanded to 38 boutiques across North America. Within that time frame, she also started dating Haro, and the two married in 2008. The Keledjian brothers sold Intermix to Gap in 2012 for $130 million, and afterwards Sari and Haro took some time off to travel and spend more time with their three daughters, Lila, 11, Violet, 9, and Kiki, 7.

“The minute that we sold Intermix, we were so happy about never having to talk about work again,” Sloane says. That was until they decided to open California-inspired women’s boutique The Westside and its children’s offshoot, Everafter, last year.

“The Westside is really a reflection of my personal style and lifestyle, being a woman who lives in New York City that is working and social and out and about, but is very much about being comfortable and dressing in a way that feels good to me,” Sloane says.

So what does that wardrobe look like? Click through for a glimpse and to learn more about Sloane and her career.