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When a Bag Is So Good, It Deserves a Party

Donatella-approved, of course. In collaboration with Versace.

Renata Kaveh
If there is anything that is going to entice the sartorial masses out after Toronto’s first snowstorm of the season, it’s to celebrate the kaleidoscopic (read: fancy) new Versace boutique in the swanky Yorkville neighborhood. We think it has something to do with all the Versace Virtus bags lying around and the stacked panel of women who embody its virtus (get it?), featuring Coveteur co-founder Stephanie Mark, photographer Maya Fuhr, creative Amy Shio, and actress Sarah Raffterty, who were all there to talk courage, strength, excellence, and, of course, fash-uns.

DJ Dre Ngozi made sure the vibe was right, and yummy nibbles from Yorkville culinary staple Pusateries roamed while our friends and guests mingled amongst Donatella-approved prints. Click through to see all the fun.

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