How to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

It’s arguably the most important room in your home.

how to make your bathroom look expensive
Coveteur editors have been inside a lot of exceptional people’s exceptional homes around the world. While we normally go to raid their closets and ogle their art, a really nice bathroom can actually be the home’s true sanctuary. What makes a bathroom look more expensive? Well, yes, sometimes it’s the fact that it literally *is* custom-made to the nines, but sometimes it’s just a few clever design decisions that are actually accessible for every budget.

Major Wallpaper

Cover your walls in a statement graphic to distract from outdated fixtures or poor natural lighting. If you have a hard time committing or live in a rental, we like the removable designs from Tempaper.

Use Trays

Some products need to be left out on the counter or sink-side for daily use (or because theyre just so pretty you cant stand to keep them in a medicine cabinet). Corral everything into a chic tray—one with a lid, for small items or things like hair ties and floss—and create a photogenic little vignette.

Hang a Chandelier

Add a Chair

Display Your Towels

Rather than hiding them in a closet or hanging them sadly from a hook, find a cute way to incorporate your towels into the decor, especially if they have a fun pattern or are extra plush and cozy-looking.

Have a Laugh

Bathroom humor doesn’t have to be gross—it can actually be really cute! Make your bathroom an enjoyable experience by making it entertaining, with funny books, kooky themes, and novelty toilet seats (see: Linda Rodin).

White Marble to the Max

It’s not just for photographing your avocado toast on top of. A completely white marble bathroom is the ultimate luxury decor choice. If it’s in the budget, make like Gabriela Hearst, and find an Italian-made marble tub to match the floors and walls.
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