inside samuel krost closet

Samuel Krost’s Closet Mixes Silky Designer Pieces with Streetwear

He has an affinity for Acne and Alexander Wang, and a newfound love for sneakers. New York.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Halle Lagatta, Jodi Taylor
Photography: Tim Buol

Friendship means something different to everybody, and to New Jersey native Samuel Krost, it meant so much that he decided to build an entire brand around it. Taking the knowledge he learned from the business program at NYU, an internship at then-start-up brand Onia, his first real fashion role at Helmut Lang, and a short stint at Fyre Media (learning from others’ failures turns out to be a super valuable experience, too), Krost introduced his namesake brand to the world in December of 2018. He’s since been busy designing pieces with his token Support Your Friends slogan. The line is a direct extension of Krost’s own wardrobe, which is brimming with staple pieces and high-end basics—think tailored colored suits with cargo pants—and his apartment slash brand HQ is a reflection of the brand with its baby pink walls (a color you’ll see in hoodies and blazers), neon sign, and disco ball.

Walking into Krost’s place, we made our way to not one, but two of his wardrobes. The first, home to his ever-growing collection of denim and suit jackets, while the other housed his tees, crews, and an assortment of silky button-ups. Technically, you could even say he had three closets: We also found a few racks of his brand’s clothing hanging in the living room. Naturally, we made the most of the situation, decorating the SoHo apartment with print-detailed fleeces, Converse and Nike collab sneakers, and every single designer button-up shirt we could find. After a quick break for Joe & the Juice paninis to refuel after our sartorial workout, it was time to chat all things Samuel Krost and his brand. Keep reading to find out how he got his start in the industry, the lessons he’s learned throughout his many roles, and why he ultimately decided not to apply for business school.