Those Accessories You’ve Had Your Eye on Forever? Here’s How to Find ’Em

Seek and ye shall find. In collaboration with StockX.

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One unexpected bonus (or, depending on how you look at it, occupational hazard) of digging deep into the industry’s most stylish people on the regular? Stumbling upon the gems of seasons past—the ones we’ve been making mental notes of since the moment we saw them stomp down a runway, or when they first popped up on our browser windows. It might be a long-lost Prada look from the 2011 runway, an extra-limited-edition novelty CHANEL clutch from last season, or a pair of Gucci sneakers that sold out instantly. It’s our equivalent of fashion nirvana: the hall-of-fame pieces that almost got away, but were never quite out of mind. The ol’ shopping maxim “Get it or regret it” definitely applies here.

Naturally, we’re suckers for any shopping destination that enables our archival thirst. Namely: StockX. It’s become our shopping destination of choice for all things limited-edition or that we simply missed the boat on—nothing rivals the feeling of scrolling through a page of product only to discover the Dior bag you’d screenshot and saved seasons ago (not to mention for far less than when it first made the rounds). It’s especially advantageous if your tastes tend to run, how can we say this…niche. Because shopping on StockX is based on real-time data and mimics the stock market, you’ll find that items are listed and evaluated by their demand (translation: less hype-y but equally as rare items can be a relative steal). Plus, all items are authenticated by StockX’s team of experts, with the brand serving as a true middleman between buyer and seller. Simply shoot your shot, make a bid (even if an item doesn’t have a selling price listed), and that watched-from-afar piece could make its way inside your closet. Here’s a few that have our hearts beating faster at the moment.

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