That One Time We Went into Keke Palmer’s Closet

The actress’s wardrobe is over-the-top and Vetements. New York.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Stylist: Mikiel Benyamin

If you are one of the 8.3 million people who follow singer and actress Keke Palmer’s day-to-day on Instagram, then you’ve noticed that the girl is always outfitted in capital F Fash-un. Case in point: all the Vetements sweatshirts (worn as dresses, natch), head-to-toe new season DKNY, mesh Alexander Wang tops, and vintage Moschino. Basically causing a paparazzi storm and making a statement everywhere she goes. Which isn’t anything exactly new for Palmer, considering she’s been a staple in the entertainment industry for sixteen years now. As you’d expect, though, it’s not just Palmer’s personal style that’s over-the-top, it’s her personality, too.

All of this we experienced firsthand after a full-on photoshoot at her home-away-from-home when she’s visiting the New York from Los Angeles. Palmer’s energy was the definition of contagious on set—laughing and sending tweets to her fans as we went. So we were anxious to finally sit down at the end of the shoot and interview her on more than fashion and beauty—like her very pointed and personal take on the topics (which, again, if you follow her on Instagram you’ll get that she’s not quiet about). Nor should she be when it’s issues like society’s unfair pressure on women, beauty norms, and the overlooked topic of mental health. Of course, it wasn’t all serious; we Snapchatted together (her favorite filter is the puppy dog, too) and talked pizza toppings and the virtues of Forever 21 turtlenecks. Not going to lie, we may have left exhausted trying to play catch-up with the 26-year-old ball of energy, but also a lot more inspired.

Click through for *all* the Vetements, and why its so important to just do you.