Inside the Ultra-Glamorous Closet of a Vera Wang SVP

Priya Shukla’s designer-filled wardrobe is as dreamy as they come. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

Priya Shukla’s style, in a word (or three), is straight-up glamorous. She’s polished without being dull, risk-taking (Shukla name-checked Rei Kawakubo as one of her favorite designers, which we *so* did not see coming, but which made complete sense after seeing the entirety of her closet) without being over-the-top. As the senior vice president of global communications at Vera Wang (yes, that’s her rubbing Instagram shoulders with Taraji P. Henson at the Emmys—VIP dressing is literally part of her job description), it’s a trait she pins partly on her boss (her career advice, straight from Vera, is not to be missed) and partly on an innate thing that’s been with her since, well, forever. The very same thing that likely drove her to leave her native Australia and everything she effectively knew in pursuit of a job in fashion.

While Shukla’s been the type to actually apologize for wearing flat shoes (while pregnant, mind you), she hasn’t been immune to the industry’s recent sea change towards streetwear. That said, keep in mind that while her idea of dressing down involves white sneakers and some cutoffs (just like us), she does it with a black, fur-sleeved Vera blazer. See what we mean? GLAMOUR.

With the above in mind, you probably get how we expected nothing less when Shukla first greeted us in towering wooden platform ankle booties (Vera, of course), a Victorian lace blouse with a leather harness layered over top, plus a fresh blowout and immaculate makeup (she swears she was a makeup artist in another life). With her daughter, Belle, on her hip (no offense to every other baby—she might go down as the cutest of them all), we got the sense that if anyone can prove that succumbing to streetwear and sneakers can still be chic as all hell, it’s Priya. (Although it helps when said sneakers are gold. And Valentino.)