That Time We Explored Nina Tiari’s Dior-Filled Closet

A Saint Laurent–obsessed stylist and designer (who got her start with a little help from her neighbor, Kanye West). New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Alec Kugler

Not every stylist finds a mentor-slash-creative-confidant out of a chance meeting with their neighbors. And we’re willing to bet even fewer stylists can say said chance meeting with neighbor-turned-mentor-slash-creative confidant was with none other than one Kanye West (plot twist!). Then again, not everyone is Nina Tiari—and she has the Tom Ford and Galliano-era Dior-laden closet to prove it.

Tiari is a fashion magpie of the highest order—if its sparkly, or over-the-top, or just really fucking cool, shell probably (or more accurately, definitely) be all over it. She doesnt shy away from just about anything—say, architectural Céline booties, embroidered butterfly booties from Valentino, fuzzy rainbow-hued Rachel Comey clogs, an ombré teal-and-magenta metallic Saint Laurent leather jacket. With works courtesy of her artist boyfriend (she describes living with him as akin to living in an ever-changing art gallery) covering what felt like virtually every wall of her apartment, there was no shortage of downright fascinating places for us to prop em.

Given Tiari’s prolific clothing collecting—she could instantly recant the story behind, say, a Dior piece she snapped up for a fifth of the price while in college—it only made sense that she funneled her twin talents in shopping and styling into consignment and shopping site, La Salon Des Refuses. The site was a true gem, it was as if Tiari was pawning off real editorial work, but she's now moved on to run her own namesake label. Honestly, we wouldn't have expected any less from her.