How to Find the Best Travel Deals in 60 Seconds

Wherein we reveal all our secrets.

How to Find the Best Travel Deals in 60 Seconds
As old folklore would suggest, cheap flight tickets really do exist. OK, OK, we know what you’re thinking: Where do these elusive deals come from? How do you score them yourself? And seriously, do you have to spend a ludicrous number of late-night hours hunched over your laptop? Guys, guess what? We’ve done all the deep-dive Googling, so that you don’t have to, for the not-so-obvious ways to book the best flights. So if you’ve procrastinated and didn t book your flight months in advance (uh, we feel you), this is basically the ultimate list. You’re welcome.

Leave on a Tuesday

You know how you’ve heard that booking on specific dates means different flight costs? Well, there’s actually some logic to the whole thing. Business commuters are the reason Monday tickets are in such high demand = $$$$ for you. As our internet searches would explain, airlines try to appeal to the leisure travelers (aka you guys), so they churn out their best deals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Hey, if you’re going to save a few extra Benjamins, it’s worth using up an extra vacation day, right?

Afternoon Departure = Not a Cheap Flight

You can thank all the other spoiled travelers for this one. Arriving and taking off in the afternoon is just about the most desirable and convenient time for everyone to fly, duh. So if you’re hoping to save on some moolah to spend once you actually arrive at your destination, consider the red-eye.

Time It Right

If you’re like us, you procrastinate. But, if you manage to remember, try to book your flights six weeks in advance. It’s the sweet spot.

Book Separately

If you’re heading with a plus-one (or more), book each ticket individually. Apparently, airlines have this thing that if you book together, both tickets must be the same price. Chances are, if you book individually, you’ll actually spend less. Worth a try!

Get a Package Deal

A standard that holds true in just about every consumer scenario: Buy in bulk, and you’re bound to get a better deal. Same goes for airplane tickets, friends. If you’re not visiting your family and don’t have a pullout couch to crash on, let’s be real, you’re going to need a place to stay. And maybe a car, too? So instead of booking with three different vendors, consider consolidating, and you might be surprised by how much coinage you’ll save.

Get Alerts

Like we said, we totally feel you on not wanting to spend a week searching for a flight—time is of the essence. Thanks to sites like , which sends a ping to your Gmail when there’s a deal for your flight plan, we don’t have to have 20 browser tabs open to find that hidden price drop.

Follow Them...

….on Facebook and Twitter. Often airlines will post exclusive deals and notifications on discounts on their social media accounts. It’s practically the best way to get the inside intel.

Skip Out on Your Flight

Hear us out. This genius behind figured out that flights with layovers in your destination city might be a better deal. Hypothetically: Say you’re flying from New York to Paris, but find a cheaper flight from New York to Hong Kong with a layover in Paris—purchase that flight, and just don t get on that Hong Kong plane. Sneaky, but effective.

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