Yara Shahidi and Taraji P. Henson’s Stylist Has a House Full of Sexual Art and Tons of Sneakers

Oh, and he uses a Birkin for a gym bag. Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis take us inside their closets. Los Angeles.

By: Samantha Sutton
Styling: Jodi Taylor

If you want to see two people that go together like peanut butter and jelly—or better yet, jeans and a solid tee—look no further than celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and his husband, Adair Curtis. While the two are quick to tell me they’re basically opposites (one likes shopping, the other doesn’t; one sticks to his key friend group, the other’s a social butterfly), it’s near impossible to miss how well they seem to complement each other. There’s playful teasing as we talk and, of course, the occasional finishing of sentences. But perhaps even better than finding what seems like a literal other half? This dynamic duo has managed to turn a shared love of style and their different areas of expertise into a full-fledged business, JSN Studio, and a brand new Netflix show Styling Hollywood.

JSN stands for Jason without the vowels, Curtis tells me, but that name shouldn’t mislead you; he’s just as involved as Bolden. Because, yes, the umbrella holds Jason’s styling business—where he dresses stars like Yara Shahidi, Taraji P Henson, Alicia Keys, and Kiersey Clemons for major events—but together, the couple released a sunglasses collection and often work as interior designers, staging multi-million-dollar houses for potential buyers.

Their own L.A. home serves as a résumé of sorts, full of expensive art, books, and sleek, standout pieces of furniture. Of course, we couldn’t stop by (after connecting through our friend Allie at TBOYaficionado) without snapping some photos—of the space, the couple, and their crazy-cool sneaker, coat, and bag collections. Check out the covetable pieces we saw ahead, along with the stories behind them and how they manage to work together as a married couple.