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How-To Beauty: Diffused, Fluffy Brows

Keep your brows looking fluffy and fabulous.

how to achieve diffused fluffy brows
Tim Buol
Julianna Grogan
William Scott Blair
We’re always in search of fluffy, glorious brows, but using a color product to enhance them is easier said than done. Since most people want to avoid that overly “done” look, but still fill in and lengthen their brows, it takes a little bit of technique to perfect your ideal shape. That’s why we consulted makeup artist Julianna Grogan for her tips and tricks to achieving the brow of your dreams. She showed us how, with just one eyebrow pencil and four steps—we never need to second-guess our makeup skills again. Find her steps below, broken down in an easy guide.

Grogan prefers to use YSL Dessin Des Sourcils in shade No. 5. It’s dual-ended, so your spoolie is easily available to blend the pigment into your brows after application.

how to achieve diffused fluffy brows
1. Start on the inner half of the brow closest to the nose, and trace a line along the bottom of the eyebrow as a guide. No need to be heavy-handed—this is just to create an edge and a framework. Take the line all the way out to the tail of the brow.

how to achieve diffused fluffy brows
2. Add a light line at the top of the brow from the middle of the arch out towards the tail. Again, err on the lighter side with your pressure.

how to achieve diffused fluffy brows
3. Blend with a spoolie brush, moving in short upward strokes from the bottom of the brow, until you reach the middle of the brow, then brush, following the natural curve of your arch and hair growth.

how to achieve diffused fluffy brows
4. Start drawing short, upward strokes, starting at the inner corner of the brow, creating hair-like strokes throughout the brow. This gives the brow definition and keeps it looking natural. There should still be some bare spaces coming through, so the brow is diffused and not too heavy-looking.

Producer: Monique Kamargo; Model: Valerie Lundquist

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